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ASIA FREE REED FLUTES (new) - Đing năm 方笙 葫芦笙 葫芦丝 芒筒 蘆笙 생황 笙 Shō 竽

While researching the history of the Chinese Sheng flute, and also the history of the Japanese Sho flute, I also came across some Asian free reed musical instruments that point to its origin.

These free reed instruments, in turn, have their own religious, legendary or mythical origin stories in addition to the origin.

These instruments have a natural beauty, and they are very important for traditional and cultural events of ethnic minorities in Southwest Asia.

Sometimes they are also the link of ethnic groups spread over several countries.

I have included the following instruments as 3D Models in this list:
(the list will be extended from time to time)
Ding Nam - Vietnam, Cambodia
Fangsheng - China
Hulusheng - China, Southwest Asia
Hulusi - Vietnam, Myanmar, India, China
Keluri - Malaysia, Indonesia
Khaen - Laos, Vietnam, Thailand, Cambodia
Lusheng - China
Mangtong - China
Plung - Bangladesh, Myanmar
Qeej - Laos, Vietnam, Thailand, China
Saeng(hwang) - Korea
Sheng - China
Sho - Japan
Sompoton - Maylasia Borneo/Sabah
Yu - China
Yu - Japan

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