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Hirano Jinja - Gagaku Kagura Stage 平野神社 - 舞殿

Hirano Jinja is an important shrine for my Gagaku project as he played a decisive role in the further development of the "standard" stage layout for gagaku and for Noh theater.
More information on this in the upcoming Gagaku stage video.

The oldest cherry blossom festival in Kyoto is celebrated in Hirano Jinja. The shrine was valued by the Minamoto as well as the Taira (heike and genji), as well as the Tennos.

The shrine was often visited by members of the Imperial Family.

In 2018, Typhoon Jebi destroyed the stage. An attempt was made, or an attempt is still being made (I do not know the current reconstruction status) to restore the stage.

You can find more information about the destruction of the stage or how you can take part in the reconstruction on this page of the shrine:

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