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Mongolia Shaman (Tengrism) Drum

(Tuur) - Tengerism Shaman Drum - The term shamanism is used worldwide, Mongolian shamanism is called Tengrism. Tengri plays a very important role as heaven or person.

In Tengerism, the shamans have the "task" or the opportunity to mediate between the worlds.

Drawing on the drum: The Tengristic 3 Worlds Cosmology.
The world tree stands in the middle of the world and connects the underworld, earthly world and heaven with one another. The lines hanging down from the horizon symbolize the earth and water spirits.

The cosm, the nature spirits and the ancestors protect the human being, whereby he is in balance and strengthens his inner wind horse (the wind horse can be seen in the coat of arms of Mongolia). This equilibrium keeps the forces in balance.

The balance can get out of control through a catastrophe or through the intervention of evil spirits who "live" between the worlds. Shamans can contact some of these spirits and restore balance.

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