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Tsuur (Cuur) (šōr) - Mongolia Flute Instrument - Endblow and breathe - ᠮᠤᠩᠭᠤᠯ ᠤᠯᠤᠰ

Tsuur flute

The Tsuur flute is a unique instrument in worldwide flute groups.

It is not the design but the style of play that makes the Tsuur absolutely unique.

The mouthpiece, which is carved in the flute itself, is placed against the teeth and enclosed with the lips, the other part of the mouth remains open to play the flute and produce singing at the same time.

With a special Mongolian breathing technique it is possible to play the flute and at the same time produce a voice or song.

The Tsuur can be assigned to several Mongolian ethnic groups, it has been known since at least the 14th century, perhaps much older.

Warriors had tied the tsuur to the tails of their horses.

It is said that today it is very difficult to find Tsuur players or to train new players.

The flute is included in the cultural heritage of Mongolia.

It is said that the point of playing tsuur is to merge with nature, to mix your own sounds with those of nature. The tsuur also has its place with the Tengerism shamans.

As with almost all Mongolian instruments, due to the size of the country, the construction and finger position differs depending on the region and manufacturer of the flute