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Yatga - ᠶᠠᠲᠤᠭ᠎ᠠ - ятга - 雅托葛 - Yatug-a - Mongolia String Instrument (Master Yatga 21 String)


A Mongolian zither known around the 14th century. There were and are several versions.
Nowadays there are about 5 variants of the Yatga played in Mongolia.

For example the Master Yatga with 21 strings or a "smaller" Yatga with 12 strings. The "original" yatga had 12 strings, only monasteries and leaders were allowed to play on 12 strings. The 'normal people' were only allowed to use 10 or a maximum of 11 strings. Mongolia is a very large and diverse country, which is why the yatga are also available in different designs: With a curved end piece, straight body, straight Master Yatga, curved Master Yatga ... Depending on the region and manufacturer.

After the Yatgas were somewhat forgotten in the 20th century, more Yatga music was produced again at the end of the 20th century. During this phase, the Korean Gayageum and the Chinese Guzheng were played. Today's 21-string Master Yatga is almost identical to the Chinese Guzheng.

The term yatga can be translated as Mongolian zither in general