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Gagaku Stage - Kasuga Taisha Shrine Natur Stage - 雅楽 ステージ 春日大社

Kasuga Taisha Shrine in Nara has a fascinating natural stage.
It is located under an impressive building, in front of a 1000-year-old cedar tree.

The shrine is located in a pristine forest, and you will reach it through a road in the forest with thousands of lanterns on the left and right.
This stage is used for gagaku and, in my opinion, is one of the most beautiful gagaku stages in Japan.
The lanterns are lit twice a year on a fixed day.

In order to get a rough idea of ​​the atmosphere of the stage, I tried to reproduce a part of the shrine that surrounds the stage.
From the top of the building, two stone steps lead to the stage.
The Kasuga Taisha Shrine was built by the Fujiwara Clan in the 8th century and has a festival that has been held for centuries.
At these festivals, you can experience the true nature of gagaku.

More information and dates can be found on the shrine's homepage and in the video I attached, but there is also a link in the YouTube video description.

I was impressed with the location and energy of this stage and wanted to be included in the "Gagaku Kagura Stage" series.

Since this building is inside a shrine, it has a religious meaning. In the history of the stage of Gagaku, i built that buildings. My respect for Japanese culture and religion.







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